Small Business & Services
Have you ever felt like the relationship you have with your present accountant is one of the "fish in a big pond"? Unfortunately, that is the case with many small businesses who deal with large or mid-sized accounting firms.                   
We take a different approach to running our firm. Our services are SPECIFICALLY CATERED for the small owner-managed business. While we believe it is important to set up systems and processes to make your life easier, we also know that each small business and owners are different when it comes to record-keeping, information required, etc. We work with you to customize an accounting system for your needs, be it a QuickBooks solution, or a simple customized spreadsheet we design for you.

We created this process for the simple reason that many times these businesses' needs are not addressed by the bigger firms. They try to fit you into their system and if you don't fit, they charge excessive fees that are just too high for the average small business to afford.

Small Business Financial Services Program
Our services are designed with the small business in mind. Your programs can consist of some or all of the following services:

• Monthly or quarterly compiled profit & loss statement and balance sheet
• All bank account reconciliations
• Unlimited discussion of your accounting and business related questions
• Preparation of all payroll and sales tax remittances
• Pick up and delivery of your accounting records
• Tax planning and preparation

Don't Make The Mistake of Assuming QuickBooks is Your Accountant
Many small businesses make the mistake of purchasing programs such as QuickBooks or Simply Accounting and believing their accounting problems are solved. Unfortunately, this couldn`t be further from the truth.

These programs are very effective and useful accounting tools ... IF USED PROPERLY. This generally involves knowing a thing or two about accounting, or having a competent and reliable bookkeeper on staff to enter transactions accurately. If this is not the case, then all you are doing is just creating a big mess for your accountant to sort through. In some cases, we "" the a client's QuickBooks file and just start from scratch. It takes us a lot less time to start over than figure out what went wrong in the file.

Warning - If you are not entering your transactions properly in your accounting software, you could be filing your compliance reports incorrectly (i.e. GST/HST, WSIB, payroll taxes). Software does not replace a qualified professional when it comes to tax planning and compliance monitoring.

In short, our job is to keep you in compliance with the tax authorities, making sure your
business avoids unnecessary and costly penalties and interest, while legally minimizing
your taxes.
The Benefits You Will Receive With Our Services
Profit and Loss Statements will help you monitor your business better, allow you to  see
trends developing, and help you plan for the future.
Use us as a sounding board in all important financial decisions. This will help you make the
right decisions and help you understand the new tax laws.
Peace of mind - knowing your tax reports are correct and filed on time saves you money in penalties and interest for late filing.
Convenience - We come to you each month. Also, we make sure tax reports to the state and federal authorities are filed on time.
The more you make, the more the CRA will want to take. We show you how to keep more legally.

Corporate Services and Accounting

• Corporate tax planning
• Corporate tax return preparation
• Management advisory services
• Full cycle bookkeeping and accounting services (Monthly, Quarterly or Annually)
• Financial statements preparation (monthly, quarterly, or annual)
• Financial planning and management
• Cash flow and debt management
• Business and management consulting